I have received many messages - not only from people in the rest of Sweden but also from around the world - saying how much they would like to have me as their song coach and how much they wish my studio was a little nearer.

I always like to try and help and so, beginning in September 2016, I will be starting private "one on one" song coaching sessions on Skype

As with all my students who come here for a free "try out" before beginning training at my studio, you are welcome to come for a visit - a "virtual" visit via cyberspace - absolutely free - and check out if John Kincade's song coaching methods could help you.

We won't be doing "exercises" - just working with songs - as if you already have your record contract. You're welcome to listen to some of our results on the "Best of 2016" page.

• send an e-mail to and tell me you're interested
• look through the "songlist" on the website, and choose 2 or 3 titles you'd like to sing
• let me know which ones and I'll send you the backing tracks
• you'll receive a list of available times and you choose which is most convenient
• we establish contact on Skype - work for 30 minutes - and if we both think it's a good idea, we plan for the future